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Five climbing gyms participate in the competition. In each gym climbers can climb the selected boulders during the indicated periods. Climbers can visit the gyms and try the boulders as many times as they want. They need to create an account on Etto Climbing, chose competition and log the climbs before the end of the round period. Only one ascent of each boulder will be counted in the total score. Each boulder is awarded 1000 points which are divided among all climbers who to top it.

Top 20 climbers of each category will qualify for finals which will take place on March 23 in Hall9.

Each participant need to register and pay the registration fee here. Participants also need to pay entrance fee, use their 10 cards pass or subscription to enter the gyms.
There are two difficulty categories per each gender. Climbers who climb 6A-7A difficulty will compete in category "Ket". Climbers who climb regularly boulders 7A (red in Le camp de base, purple in Petite Ile and Hall9, yellow in A Bloc, black in Arkose) will compete in the category "Dikkenek". This competition is dedicated to recreational climbers. National team climbers are not allowed to participate.    


1. Ket Women for girls who climb up to 7A boulders
2. Ket Men for boys who climb up to 7A boulders

3. Dikkenek Women for girls who climb 7A and harder boulders
4. Dikkenek Men for boys 
who climb 7A and harder boulders

There are 4 events in 4 gyms to gain points for each climbed boulder. Each event lasts approximately 10 days - from Friday evening till next Sunday evening. Boulders climbed outside the announced period will not be counted. Each boulder can be counted only once even if climbed multiple times.

Each boulder is awarded 1000 points which are divided among all ascensionists. Cumulation of all points will give final ranking which serves as qualification for finals. Boulders 7A and harder will have marked zone holds which will be also awarded. Topping a boulder means starting with marked starting holds and climbing without falling to top hold which is held with both hands during 3 seconds. Being awarded a zone means holding the zone hold effectively and either making a move or maintain a position, in other words only touching zone hold is not enough. In the event of a tie in the final ranking, the total number of zone holds will be taken into account.

Top 20 climbers in each category will be allowed to participate in finals. The finals will be held as one day event divided in two parts. During first part climbers of all 4 categories will have 3 hours to climb maximum amount of boulders with 1000 points system as described above. 3 climbers of categories 1 and 2 will who earn the most points will be awarded. 6 climbers of categories 3 and 4 will participate in second part of finals. They will each have 4 minutes to climb each of 3 final boulders. 3 climbers who climb the most boulders will be awarded.

Results of the rounds will be recorded live and published here and on Each climber is solely responsible for entering the results correctly and on time. Abuse or fraud will result in direct exclusion.


Prizes for winners of the Finals:

Categories Ket:

1. Annual subscription

2. 6 months subscription

3. 3 months subscription

in one of the participating gyms of winner's choice 


Categories Dikkenek:

1. 1 000 EUR

2. 500 EUR

3. 250 EUR

in cash

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